Thermal Roll Mat


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Insulating Floor Mat, Aluminized, Fleece. It Is An Assembling Of Three Layers: – First Layer, On The Ground-Side, A Plastic Mat, Double Weave. – Second Layer, An Aluminized Canvas, Aluminum Face Upward. – Third Layer, On Upper-Side, A Fleece Blanket. The Assembling Is Done With A Heavy-Duty Ribbon Strongly Stitched All Around The Mat. The Second And Third Layer Are Also Stitched Together, Lengthwise In The Center, And Crosswise In 3 Lines Equally Spaced. Dimensions: 1. 8m X 0. 9m At One End, The Mat Is Open On The Whole Width, To Allow Accessing In Between The Plastic Mat And The Aluminized Canvas. This Opening Closes With A Fold Like A Pillowcase Closing System. A Pair Of Strong Laces Is Sewn To The Mat At One End In The Center, To Secure The Mat When Rolled Up For Transport Or Storage.